Monday, 18 July 2016

Rebaseathon Part II (10mm Britons)

Now then,

Here is part 2 of my mass rebasing madness. These have been finished a while but, like the Romans before them were never photographed properly....

So here we go:

4 Units of Skirmishers

6 Units of Light Cavalry

6 Units of Light Chariots

I normally mix the light chariots and cavalry up and count them all as being the same in TTS.

The main part of this army is the masses of warband infantry. 

I have 22 bases of warband infantry, each with between 24 - 30 figures on each base. No wonder they took so long to paint!

 I really like the mass effect with this army, whilst the miniatures aren't my best painted, its still one of my favorite armies.

A few pics of the masses! Infantry block in the centre, cavalry and chariots on the wings and a reserve of infantry waiting behind.

For more have a look here

Cheers for looking!


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