Saturday, 13 July 2013

Austrian Cavalry update

Now then,

Well, the Persians and Bolt action germans still sit on my painting table, awaiting their turn, as the 6mm Napoleonic Austrian cavalry has jumped the queue!

I fancied a bit of a change this week, so dug out some cavalry from the large pile of unpainted Austrians and managed to get them done!

Unfortunately i have now ran out of bases, so the 10th Hussars will have to wait a bit longer.

Heres some pics of progress this week....

First of all i upgraded the 3rd Hussars to 2 separate units, as it was the normal practice for large Austrian cavalry regiments to split up their units, a such a large mass was found to be unwieldy.

The 2nd Schwarzenburg Uhlans. Another very large cavalry unit, and again divided into 2 "divisions".

Heres a shot of all my Cavalry painted up so far.

Still to be done are the 10th Hussars (another large unit) and the 5th Chevaux Ledger, a slightly smaller unit.

The Infantry forces are nearly complete, with only 2 line Bns left to do, and 3 militia units.

The light infantry is in the process of being re-organised slightly, which will stretch the figures further and reduce the amount of painting still to be done.

Hopefully within the next month or so i will be putting in a new order to Adler for some French troops to oppose them!

Have a good weekend,
The full force so far can be seen HERE


  1. These are inspiring, Adler cavalry are really nice to paint


  2. Stunning !!!

    Best regards Michael

  3. Great work, beautiful units!

  4. Love those, that blue just pops out.


  5. Thanks for the kind words, Grenzers next in the queue..



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