Saturday, 6 July 2013

Spartan army update

Now then,

I've finished my 500pt Impetus Spartan army! With the addition of 2 units of Perioikoi Hoplites.

I have also made 2 command stands, so that i can use the army for Hail Caesar too.

I will probably need some more commanders, as I plan on adding to this army with another full contingent of Theban Hoplites, and some light cavalry too....

Time to get some more Persians done I suppose, on the painting desk at the moment I have 2 units of Persian colonist cavalry, and 3 units of Persian levy archers... Oh and my Germans for bolt action too.

Anyway, the full greek army can be seen HERE

Thanks for looking,



  1. Great work on these. Are the shields transfers or freehand?


    1. The shields are a mixture, the spartan ones are freehand but the rest are a mixture of VVV and LBM. I have painted round them, to make them stand out a bit more.

      The LBM transfers are great designs but they are too small for the shields, which is a bit annoying, but the VVV ones are a bit simpler, and look good too.


  2. Fantastic looking Spartan army, command stands and units are really impressive!!

  3. Great work on your Xyston Spartans!

  4. Stunning army !!!

    best regards Michael

  5. Looks brilliant. Great job.

  6. Another superb army for Impetus, Yorkie! I love your basing as well as the painting. With all the A quality troops, here's hoping the Spartans can double and triple move into their foes in Impetus.


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