Friday, 16 August 2013

Old School Warhammer #1 Chaos Dwarfs

Now then,

I was looking through my pictures on photobucket today, and found these pictures of some of my oldest miniatures.

So heres the first in an irregular series where ill be putting up pictures of all my older and sadly nearly forgotten figures that have been languishing in storage for well over a decade, if not longer.

Warhammer 3rd edition is where it all pretty much started for me back in the dim and distant past, but over the years the miniatures and background changed so much that these guys were relegated to their box.

Chaos Dwarfs (1980's vintage)

The warrior Regiment (painted in 1990)


A mortar and some mutants.

I made some sabot bases for the army a few years ago, with an idea of playing Hott with my two boys, but I lost that particular battle to the XBOX....

I have loads of warhammer stuff still, and WH40K armies too, one day I will photograph it all, and put them on here, who knows one day they might be used in a game again?

Random post eh?



  1. Nice Flashback Steve!!!

    Best regards Michael

  2. Aaaah Nostalgia! The Chaos Dwarfs are probably my favourite figures from the Realm of Chaos era. They still look great, thanks for sharing!

  3. you cant beat looking back. you were even pretty handy with the brush back then :-)



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