Saturday, 31 August 2013

Old School Warhammer #2 Prince Tyrion

Hi all,

The second in an irregular series of posts, this time i have found some pictures of the general of my old High elf army, Prince Tyrion, i seem to remember he had a twin brother who was a wizard? I have him painted up somewhere too....

Anyway, here he is. (painted around 1995..ish)

I remember him being an all conquering dealer of death to all and sundry..

I also have the army champion, on his pegasus, this guy would always swoop down on the enemy artillery, destroy it then attack units in the rear, causing mayhem.... Good times.

The more i look at these old pictures, the more i think its a shame they have been in storage for nearly 16 years.....

So there you have it, another bit of my wargaming "history".



  1. For 1995 they look fantastic and crispy!


  2. Great seeing the old GW stuff:-) keep em coming.



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