Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Wars of the Roses

Now then,

I have a long standing interest in the Wars of the Roses, and already have 2 pretty big armies based up for Impetus. I have stated in the past that this project is finished. A bit of an ambitious statement on my behalf I think.

I have recently read the first 2 books by Conn Iggulden, set during the WOTR. All I can say is that they are awesome. See below!

Book 1

Book 2

For more info on these books have a look here - Conn Iggulden, WOTR

Well, all this reading has re-inspired me, and I have ordered the Bloody Barons rulebook by Peter Pig, as well as downloading the Perfect Captain rules "a Coat of steel". If anyone has any links to good reviews of Bloody Barons that would be great.

I think to do the WOTR justice, the games need some very specific rules, and the generic "ancients or medieval" rules out there just dont get to the heart of what it was all about. Im thinking treachery, half starved levy's, cowardice and more treachery! Anyway, ill probably end up doubling the size of my armies.... No point in living in denial!


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