Friday, 7 November 2014

Crusades Update!

Now then,

I have finally completed my Muslim army for the 3rd Crusade, its taken far longer than I thought due to dramas with dip, and finding a workable alternative. I ended up using Ronseal oak woodstain/varnish.

Arab Lancers

Here is the result of putting the Ronseal on neat. It turned out really dark, I'm not happy with how this unit turned out, despite my best efforts to tidy them up....

Turkomen horse archers.

Here is experiment 2. I watered down the Ronseal, but its still too dark, again not happy with the results. At this stage I lost interest, as I was getting frustrated so I left it for a while and painted a load of epic stuff instead!

Mamluks, including general.

Saladin, and Tawashi Bodyguard.

The final 2 units, including the army's generals, turned out slightly better (despite the dodgy photos). I watered the Ronseal down again, and found that by gently stirring the pot instead of shaking it, a much smoother result was achieved. Im still not overly impressed with any of the units ive done recently, but they are done now.

I have watered the Ronseal down still further, and will try it out on an old figure before slapping it all over my next army!

So that's the full army done for Impetus, it comes in about 500 points which is plenty big enough for a good game I think.

The dodgy painting on my latest units is hidden quite well when the full army is set up so not all is lost.

Have I ever mentioned I hate painting horses..?

Saladin and his mates can be seen in more detail HERE on the Ayyubid army page.

Thanks for looking,


  1. gosh....your work and painting are awesome! love the flocking of the bases..the bases look real and perfect! Great Army Steve! two thumbs up!!

  2. Most impressive army, really splendid!!

  3. Nicely done that man :-)
    PS have you tried the new DBA yet?

    1. I haven't got the new DBA yet, but I will be getting it when funds allow. I plan on using my Impetus based armies and a bigger table.

      I kind of regret rebasing all my DBA armies a bit, but at least when I do finally get to try the rules it will look like a bit more like a battle!

  4. Great work! Love the colours and variety on the figures as well as the basing.


  5. Superb army - painting and basing are outstanding!

  6. Now that's a great looking army! Slowly working my way through mine.



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