Saturday, 24 December 2016

Knights Templar in Basic Impetus 2

Now then,

I dont like to blow my own trumpet too much, im not the greatest of painters by any stretch but its always really nice when someone publishes a picture of your miniatures.

So Lorenzo Sartori, author of Impetvs, Baroque and now Basic Impetvs among others has just released the new rulebook.

A pic of some of my Crusaders are on page 37. Im very chuffed.

Basic Impetus



  1. That's great! For what it's worth, I for one love your painting style. Great use of colour and contrast, nice subtle highlights, not show-offy, but very effective. In fact, seeing your painting is the reason I grabbed Legio Heroica Crusaders and Saracens, and when I do finally get to them myself, I'll be doing my best to emulate your style.


  2. Stunning job, they look wonderful...Great base as well!


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