Tuesday, 20 December 2016

The American Civil War in 10mm

Now then,

After much discussion, and in true democratic fashion, taking it to the vote, our small group has decided the group project for 2017. It is to be the ACW in 10mm. No Particular battle has been decided on yet so everything will be generic initially.

The Plan is to put on a club demonstration game at the Battleground show in Stockton next year. The thorny subject of basing has seen lots of discussion, and we have (sort of)..almost agreed on 25mm x 20mm for the Infantry, so as close as possible to the Fire and Fury basing system as possible.

I have painted up my first 2 Regiments of Union troops, a little early I know, but there is nothing wrong with stealing a march on the Rebs!

My part in this grand plan is to collect a few brigades worth of troops for each side, so in addition to the more generic looking troops seen above, I plan on painting up some troops to represent the Irish brigade. Interesting because of their distinctive flag.

Im looking forward to really getting into the period in the new year, and am currently reading as much as I can, and watching plenty of documentary's as well.


Cheers for looking,


  1. Excellent choice! ACW in 10mm is a perfect combination. Good luck in your group project.

  2. Most impressive job with them!

  3. Troops looks very nice and excellent choice for period which is my personal favorite.


  4. Very nice. Love how you've done the basing. How did you manage to get the static grass to stand, electronic stimulation or a brush?

    1. Hi Roy, I just apply PVA then sprinkle it on, then tap the base gently, dont be tempted to press it down though. Thats it mate.


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