Sunday, 4 December 2016

PBI WW2 game.

Now then,

I have just met up with mate Al, who kindly put on a game of Poor Bloody Infantry in his cool gaming shed. I have never played PBI before, so wasnt sure what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised.

The game plays really smoothly,(although we missed a few bits out by mistake). For those who havent a clue what im on about, PBI is a ww2 game from Peter Pig, LINK it uses a grid system, so there is no measuring, its pretty simple (a good thing) and plays really well. There is an interesting pre game system, but we didnt go into that part too much, as we just wanted to crack on with the game.

Anyway, I was the 8th army, and Al took control of the Afrika Korps.

Terrain set up, notice the dots for the grid, areas where there are squares of carpet tile are "closed" terrain, other areas are "open" terrain, but some have partial cover, ie the ones with walls etc in them.

The Brits set up, 2 rifle platoons, and an HMG platoon on the right.

 The Brits have an early success, detroying a Pz IV with sticky bombs!

The outskirts of the small town are captured, but the DAK forces are bringing up some much needed reinforcements for a counter attack.

 The Brits meanwhile manage to get 2 of their Shermans into the fight. The remaining PzIV was to end up in flames shortly after!

Results of the DAK counter attack on the buildings, lots of British casualties...

The game ended with the British forces in possession of 2 of the 3 objectives, so it was a win for me! A fun game, made better by the grid, no measuring and messing about, the terrain rules are so much easier to remember. 

Thanks for the game Al.

I want a wood burner in my gaming shed!



  1. Very nice. I've only heard good things about PBI, though am told it won't be to everyone's taste.

  2. Yeah, I kind of heard the same, but then nothing is to everyone's taste! Its a nice game, good fun and no brain ache.

  3. I like games that dont hurt your brain. It also looks like you dont need loads of tanks and figures either?

    1. Not a massive amount no. It depends on the type of army you go for, clearly soviet conscript armies will be quite big, whereas the German forces are smaller but better trained etc. Not sure if its something ill get, but its certainly an option for the future.


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