Sunday, 22 May 2016

2 games in 2 Days!

Now then,

I have been lucky enough to have 2 games this weekend!Firstly on Saturday James popped down for a game of Battlegroup Kursk. It was only a small game, based mostly on the introductory scenario in the Kursk book. It went really well and I like the Battlegroup rules alot. 
James has written a great report over on his blog -
 the mad tin hatter HERE

The second game was with Pete, Stuart and myself having our first game of Impetus Baroque, using our newly painted English Civil war Armies.

It was another cracking game, and it looked ace on Petes terrain.

Both games were really good fun and ill be playing them both again in the near future!

Cheers for looking,


  1. Two games in two days is a high mark to set.

  2. The 2 games look and sound like fun, well done getting so much in this week end!

  3. Very cool Steven, both games look excellent!


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