Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Austrian I Korps Complete, Advance Guard Brigade and Hussars

Now then,

My Austrian I Korps is complete, the Advance Guard Brigade and the 10th Hussars have now been rebased and sorted out too.

The Advance Guard Brigade.

This is a mixed unit, with line infantry, cavalry and Jagers. They have a good skirmishing ability and benefit from being a mixed unit.

Here we have the 1st Jager Bn, the 6th Rosenburg Chevauxlegers, and the 1st Bn IR 10 Kheul.

The 10th Hussars.

Here is my first Cavalry unit, those Hussar uniforms are "interesting" to paint in 6mm!

Notice the extra dice holder, because the hussars have an especially high Elan rating.

I Korps complete!

So there is the first of my 3 "regular" Korps completed. I will also be having a reserve Korps which will of course contain the Grenadiers and heavy cavalry.

All my 6mm Napoleonic stuff can be seen here

Cheers for looking,


  1. Great mass effects on these bases. These mixed brigades are really interesting to play in Blücher as well.

  2. I'm impressed. How to base my 6mm Napoleonics is still a source of in decision for me. But I really like what you have done.


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