Sunday, 15 May 2016

Austrian I Korps Line Infantry

Now then,

Here is the line infantry that will form the backbone of my I Korps (in my fictional/generic) Austrian force.

It consists of 3 line regiments, each 3 battalions strong. There are 2 German Regiments and 1 Hungarian Regiment.

IR 44 Bellegarde

I have put the occasional casualty figure on the bases, as it looks like they are in the heat of battle!

On the rear is a small information strip, as well as a mini dice holder for tracking Elan in Blucher.

IR 46 Neugebauer

This unit has an attached battery of guns, so I modeled an actual gun on the base, as well as noting it on the information strip on the back.

IR 2 Erzherzog Ferdinand

This is a large Hungarian Regiment, Each of the battalions are bigger, and they are distinguished by their Blue trousers.

I may have crammed too many figures on the Hungarian bases!!

Here are all 3 line regiments, ready to take on the accursed Frenchmen!

Next ill post up some pics of the Advance Guard, Grenz, Landwher and Artillery units.

All my Napoleonics can be seen here.

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