Tuesday, 31 May 2016

End of May Update

Now then,

May has been a productive month for me, I have managed to get alot of painting done, and also managed to get 3! games in as well.

So what did I get painted?

15mm ECW

Prince Ruperts regiment of Horse

Thomas Astons Dragoons

John Innes Dragoons

15mm Sci/Fi

These are all Khurasan Miniatures, painted up for Gruntz 15mm.

There is a full platoon there and a couple of battle suits in support.

6mm Napoleonic

 I painted up 2 new Regiments of French Ligne (line) infantry, the 105th Regiment, and the 17th regiment.

Below can be seen the core of my first French Corps. Next im going to get my Legre (light) infantry Regiment done.

The 17th has an attached artillery battery. I like to model the gun and crew onto the base, with 6mm its perfectly do-able!

All the 6mm Napoleonics for Blucher can be seen here

And finally...

A 15/18mm AB Napoleonic (Austrian Grenadier) test figure!

Really nice figure to paint but struggling with the white at this scale..

Anyway that's me for this month!

Next month ill do another brigade of 6mm French then maybe some epic, just for a change!

Cheers for looking,


  1. Excellent stuff Steven particularly the ECW figures, the long nights listening to MMM ramblings are not in vain.


  2. Fantastic painted figures Steven! Love the ECW figures and Napoleonic the most!


  3. Wow! Well done Steve, thanks for participating in the challenge - you really stepped up to the plate!

  4. Great figures Steve, especially those Napoleonics and their big bases. God really is on the side of the big battalions!

  5. Very productive month, Steve! Your Hungarian grenadier looks terrific! Looking forward to seeing a battalion of these guys.

  6. Quite a bit of painting done and it all looks great. Well done!


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