Monday, 16 May 2016

Austrian I Korps, Other infantry...and some guns

Now then,

Here are some more of the troops that will form my Austrian army I Korps for Blucher. This time I have the more interesting infantry units, a nice change from painting white!

I have included the Korps artillery support which comes in the form of 3 batteries of Horse artillery massed together to form a grand battery.

The Vienna Volunteers. (disclaimer- The flags are incorrect, they are old 7 years war flags, I used them because I wanted them to look different....Imagine they borrowed them from a local church, where they have been hanging for years...)

These are conscripts as shown on their base label.

The 13th Grenz Regiment.

One of the few units to have a respectable skirmish rating. Alot of discussion has taken place about the quality of these troops, so ive made some conscript, and others (this one included) as trained.

The Horse Artillery.

The Austrians never had enough horses for their artillery so many of the gunners rode on the guns themselves, and were a bit slower then other nations true horse batteries.

I need to have a rethink about how im going to mark off the Artillery ammo too..... Thedice holder isnt going to work..Doh!

Next up will be the advance guard, and a regiment of Hussars!

To see them all click here

Cheers for looking,


  1. This is a superb project Steve, teally enjoying you put them together. Something really special about seeing them all on the 1 base painted and based to such a cool standard!

    1. Very nice of you to say so Paul, cheers.

  2. SIR! these look great! Where did the bass come from come from please"


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