Friday, 5 July 2013

Bolt Action Late war Germans

Now then,

well, although i promised myself that I wouldn't start any new projects, i have caved in and bought not only the Bolt Action rules but having had a read through, I have got myself a few new toys too...

I have decided to go for 15mm figures, as they are so much cheaper, easier to store and I have the added benefit that I have all my terrain and lots of 15mm vehicles already for BKC.

So, i have got:

  • 6 Grenadier squads, each one having an LMG team, and 1 Panzerfaust, led by an NCO with an SMG.
  • 2 MG42 teams
  • 2 Panzershreck teams
  • 2 commanders (with an additional rifleman each)
  • 1 medic.

Also i have got a Puma armoured car, and for a bit of fun, a Panther G. Oh and a kublewagon, that was left over from an earlier project.

All this lot came in at under £30.00, so can't be bad eh?

Lots of painting to do, but im looking forward to cracking on with these. In the meantime i'm putting the finishing touches to my Greek Hoplite army, they should be done later today!

Cheers for reading.



  1. It will be interesting to follow your Bolt Action adventure Steve !

    Best regards Michael


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