Friday, 19 August 2016

Crusades in 15mm for Hail Caesar.

Hi all,

Now that my WOTR in 6mm project has come to a natural pause (a project is never finished!) Im thinking about what im going to do next.

Im considering expanding my 15mm Crusades project. the army I have is all based up and organised for Impetus, however by combining bases, I can very easily make it work for Hail Caesar.

So im thinking that 3 bases for a standard unit will look suitably impressive.

So a standard sized Crusader foot sergeants unit will look like this.

In the army list books, the crusader sergeants can have a sub unit of crossbows, so the full unit will look like this.

The Crusader Knights will look most impressive I think. 18 figures for a unit.

Small units will be 2 bases strong, for example like the Turcopoles above.

So, no rebasing needed, but lots of painting to be done. Thats not the chore it may sound like, as I love painting the Crusades stuff. The Legio Heroica miniatures are awesome so it a win all round I think.

Anyway... heres a link to the Legio Heroica website.  Legio Heroica

Cheers for looking,


  1. Very nice crusaders. Hard to see the legio heroica minis in the far south of the planet. No one stocks them. Pity by the looks of it.

    1. Yeah thats a shame, you could always just order them direct.

  2. They look great. Have a fair whack of LH of my own to paint up; if I can get them looking half as nice as yours I'll be a happy man!


  3. They look great, a spectacular army!

    1. Cheers Phil, they will look better once there is more of them!

  4. Hi Steve, great looking figures, why not just use one base per unit (like in Impetus) that way you already have enough figures for each army and have more room to manoeuvre on the table?
    Just a thought,

  5. I get what your saying Stu, however how then do you show different sized units? I also need a thinly veiled excuse to get more of them!

  6. Looking at the Crusader and Saladin lists, most units are nearly all regular units, with just a few small ones for skirmishers, you could just do a few extra small size bases and have armies for both rule systems.I am certainly thinking of doing this with my 6mm Greeks and Persians on 6x3cm bases for regular units and maybe create a few 3x2cm for small units?

    1. I have a plan! (and it involves loads of new shiny minis!)


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