Wednesday, 19 March 2014

IR 51 Splenyi

Now then,

I Have got my latest units done, IR 51 a large Hungarian infantry regiment, in the 1809 campaign the regiment was quite under strength, but still fielded 3 battalions.  I have chosen to represent it with only 2 Battalions, but at full strength. Just makes things easier....

Anyway, here they are!

Thats the last of the line infantry done,

The Austrian army is slowly but surely getting there, with a few gaps here and there, namely Hussars and artillery with some more commanders and 4 Battalions of landwehr to do now. Unless of course I add a reserve division, Kurrassiers and Grenadiers...hmmm

The full Austrian army can be seen here - Austrian 1809 page

I know I said it was Austrian 6mm month, but ive ran out of bases for them, so ill be cracking on with something else for a while, then back to the Napoleonics next month!


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