Monday, 24 November 2014

Forged in Battle Pz III's

Now then,

A quick update.....I spent this afternoon painting up my panzer III's from forged in battle. Nice models! Although they wont stand up to the T34's except at close range!

So I now have a platoons worth for the battlegroup rules and the Pz IIIN (short barrel) will be a support vehicle for some Tiger tanks when I get them. But first I have four Pz IVH to get done, oh and a Stug G.



  1. Good heavens!... these painted Pz III's of your's look awesome! and they look "mean" ready to do battle against the Red Army T/34's. Perhaps ambush tactics would be the way to go to knock out some T/34's? :o)

  2. These are just stunning, great work



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