Sunday, 30 November 2014

Pz IVH Platoon, Forged in Battle

Now then,

This week I have finished off the other 3 Panzer IVH for my battlegroup Kursk German forces. I now have a platoon of 3 and 1 extra tank to support them.

Panzers advance across Russian farmland

Command tank.

Panzer III's and IV's

Also because I like my gaming aids, I downloaded a card deck for battlegroup Kursk from boardgame geek, whoever designed them has done a great job.

These are designed to replace the counters in the rulebook, so no little counters in a cup, when you lose a unit etc, you just take the top card.

cardboard case.

Loads of cards, with all the special ones in there too, so no looking up in the rulebook, its all on the cards.

So, next im working on my StuH42 G assault gun, then that's about everything I have for my Germans done. Ill be painting something completely different after its finished, with some help from my son James.

Cheers for looking,


  1. Wow those are amazing.
    I love the lil' dot camo pattern! Really makes the tanks look...I dunno, modern/retro-ish, since the camo pattern almost look computer-generated- you spaced the dots so nicely.
    Really cool.

    The models are nice too- I don't recognize the rivets on the armor around the glacis and hull MG. This is my first time seeing Forged in Battle stuffs and I gotta say it looks sweet.

    1. Cheers,

      The Forged in battle models are very cool, worth the extra effort painting all the dots I think..


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