Saturday, 12 October 2013

New Figure!

Now then,

For the last 2 years I have been a member of the 2nd Bn the Yorkshire Regiment. Faced with cutting one of the regular Bns, the powers that be decided to merge the 2nd with the 1st and 3rd last year, creating 2 "new" Bns the 1st and 2nd.

The "old" 2nd Bn was effectively the Green Howards 19th foot, and although i was never a Green Howard (I'm 1 PWO 14th /15th foot) I feel their pain, as they have been effectively disbanded, and their long history and traditions are now gone. Although Alma day, their regimental day commemorating the battle of the Alma in the Crimea will be celebrated by Alma company every year.

So when the bn was merged all the members of the Sgts mess were presented with a statue. Here's mine. Click on the images for a bigger view.

A pretty cool model, I'm almost tempted to paint it!! This guy will join a few other regimental trinkets ive been presented over the years, and together they will take pride of place in my figure cabinet in my gaming room.



  1. Very nice, the face is awesome!

  2. It is a shame about the lost of so many historical Regt in the last decade. Great model
    Peace James

  3. Great Figure. Not my era, but I can see why you want to put some paint on him.


  4. That figure is lovely, whether you paint it or not!


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