Sunday, 14 April 2013

Bactrian Light Horse, and some Hussars..

Now then,

Now that the sci/fi project is done (for now), i've made a start on some more sensible historical stuff, but as i'm totally incapable of sticking to one project at a time, i've painted some Bactrian light horse for my Persians, and a Hussar regiment for my 6mm Austrian 1809 project.

Here is the latest addition to the Impetus Persian army, another unit of bactrian light horsemen.

I've no idea how they are supposed to be painted, so i kind of made things up....

For the full army so far look HERE

 Next up i have the 3rd Hussars. Real little buggers to paint, hence i have been putting off painting them!

The amount of detail on these figures is amazing, considering they are only 6mm, quite a challenge to paint though!

While I was doing the Hussars, I thought i'd sort out the bases on my commanders, and that led to painting both GM (General Major) Stutterheim, and GM Grille... For the full army so far have a look HERE

OK, a bit of bad news, i'm off on my travels again very shortly, so this will more than likely be the last post for a few months at least, bloody real life..all very inconvenient!

Cheers for looking, and i'll update the blog again as soon as i'm able to.



  1. Blimey! that's some really good detail painting on 6mm.


    1. Cheers Jason, real bugger to paint! Bloody lace and stuff everywhere....

  2. Great looking figures, I do like the Bactrian LH!

    1. Thanks Phil, I WILL get this army finished when i get back!

  3. Greate looking units !!!

    Best regards Michael

  4. You've got some lovely stuff going on here, haven't you? I'll come back and keep looking, I think. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I quite like them both - the Adler cavalry especially.



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