Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Basic Impetus, Persians vs Athenian!

Hi all,

I managed to prize the xbox controller out of my sons hands for just long enough to have a game of BI today! I haven't written a proper battle report, because i didn't want the lad getting bored as i scribbled down notes and took pictures..but here's a quick run through of what happened...

Click for bigger pictures.

Persian set up, a bit haphazard, which caused problems later...

Athenian set up, pretty standard really, Hoplites in the centre with the cavalry and skirmishers protecting the flanks.

Sorry for the crappy pic, but here's the two armies deployed opposite each other.

The first couple of turns saw the Athenians advancing across the dried river, whilst keeping in formation, only the skirmishers managed to disorder themselves....

The Persian general pushes the skirmishers forward and tries to get round the flanks of the Greeks.

First blood goes to the Persians, with the Takabara slaughtering the greek skirmishers, and trying to get into a good position to attack the now exposed Athenian flank..

A confused melee breaks out in the centre, between the Greek cavalry and the Bactrians, which sucks in a unit of Persian National cavalry and the Persian general himself.....

The Athenian phalanx looks on as the cavalry fight it out....

Meanwhile the scythed chariot manoeuvres to a better position to attack....

The Greek cavalry get the worst of it in the centre, and the Persian general orders his skirmishers forward in an attempt to gain some time to re-organise the cavalry in the centre.

The Takabara and scythed chariot try to move up and form a battle line on the exposed Athenian flank...

It was not to be. The Greeks launched a preemptive strike before their flank was overwhelmed, and the Hoplites, now finally in contact, made short work of the Persians...

Really fun game, and it was great just to get some figures out and roll some dice, its been a long time, i have to give him a game of 40K next..that was the deal.

The lad now wants a rematch  and demonstrated with the troops after the battle how he should have deployed...Infantry in the centre and either a strong flank of cavalry, or cavalry deployed on the flanks. He reckons if he pins my phalanx in place, he'll be able to get round and attack the rear....Sounds like a plan to me!

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  1. Nice AAR Steve!

    God work by the Lad considering Dad didn´t tudor him, will be nice to see the re-match!

    Hope you survive the 40K...

    Best regards Michael

  2. Very nice report and, of course, great looking figures!

    1. Thanks Phil, i must sort out some scenery though..

  3. Great game and great looking armies


  4. Thanks, i'm trying to persuade him to give me a game with the crusaders next!

  5. Great reporting and sounds like a good game. His plan for next time sounds the same as Alexander's.

  6. Good AAR :-)


  7. Cheers chaps, i appreciate the feedback.



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