Tuesday, 9 April 2013

EUDT Platoon finished!

Now then,

I've finished off my Tomorrows war force, with the addition of another 3 fire tems and a large Mech, for some fire support.

The platoon SGT's fireteam, callsign M10B

M12C, the guy on the left is another minor conversion, with a GW space marine head...

M12D, another conversion here, this time with a GW scout head.

Next up we have the platoons fire support, in the form of a medium Mech, the model is from Fantasy Flight Games, and is a medium panzer mech, for their Dust Tactics game.

Great model, and it comes ready assembled and primed grey, and with 3 different weapon configurations.

Anti tank variant, although in DT, i think its an artillery weapon, similar to a WW2 Nebelwerfer...

The AA variant, but very useful in a direct ground role too, with its twin massive cannons!

The standard model, with a rapid firing main gun and a close combat arm, more useful in an urban environment, for clearing debris etc.

The completed force.

I would have had these completed sooner, but the wife insisted on days out etc, so while in a nice village called Omodos, i spied this big stone die in a trinket shop, so being the nerd i am, i had to have it. I plan on using it as a turn marker when we have games.....

The full army can be seen on the TW page - HERE

So now that small distraction is out of the way, i think ill crack on with some more Persians...

Cheers for looking,



  1. Greate looking forece Steve !

    Best regards Michael

  2. Very nice Yorkie - like these a LOT!
    Now following so I can see more :-)

  3. Very cool looking force, sir! Excellent work!

  4. That is super cool.. and I would have totally bought that giant die as well!

  5. Thanks for the comments, just need to decide on an enemy for them now...?



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