Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Ashleys Regiment of Foote

Now then,

Here is my latest ECW unit, Ashleys Regiment of Foote, a green coated regiment. I couldn't actually find much information about this unit, but I wanted a Green clad Regiment and Wargames designs make the flag so here we are!

I have tried a different wash on this unit, its a homemade "magic wash". Klear floor polish with black ink, it has worked OK I think, although I am still refining it. I will be adding a bit more black ink for the next unit.

I got the "recipe" for it over at fat wallys website, here - LINK

Id recommend having a good dig about on his site as he has some stunning peter pig 15mm ECW armies, among others.

The regiment is braced to receive cavalry, and I have put the command group at the back, I'm quite happy with how this unit has come out.

Here are both regiments together, I quite like em!

Next I have a cannon to paint up then Ill need to order some more, or ill wait till York on the 7th Feb and get some there. Ill need to get some cavalry im thinking....

Here is a link to my new ECW page where everything can be seen together! - ECW Page

Cheers for looking,


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