Sunday, 10 January 2016

Sir John Talbots Regiment of Foote

Now then,

I have started my English Civil War project with a yellow coated Royalist Foot Regiment. I actually painted these last year, but I am not very happy with how they have come out. I tried the Vallejo wash on them and it doesnt look great. Oh well I will experiment further...

Here they are-

The flags are from wargames designs, and are very good. Great service too.

All the models are peter pig 15mm, great little sculpts with loads of character, its a pity about the slightly bodged paint job though.

The Regiment is split into 3 bases, 1 of pike with 12 figures, and 2 of shot, each with 8 figures.

So there we have it, first unit done. The next unit will be Ashleys Regiment of Foote, a green coated regiment. Hopefully they will look a bit neater than these.

Cheers for looking!


  1. Beautiful job, love this yellow color!

  2. Looks good! The 8-12-8 is a good one.I always figured I do an 8-11-8 scheme myself, were I to do ECW/TYW.

  3. Great job! I like the yellow coats too. As for rules, Basic Impetvs Baroque worked very well for me in my initial trial of the rules in a refight of Southam. Ironsides produces a good game too.

  4. They look great. While I haven't any Peter Pig figures a good friend has. They are full of character and paint up very well.


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