Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Ancient Britons vs EIR, To the Strongest!

Now then,

Not a battle report as such but a few pics of our game this evening. Stuart popped down for a game of To the Strongest, and took control of the Legions of Rome whilst the unruly warbands of the Britons were mine.

Turn 1 saw the armies advancing, the British light chariots racing to outflank the Romans.

The blue beads are ammo markers, so in TtS units have a limited ammo supply. Although you can stockpile more in your baggage train / camp.

The Legions charge in, throwing their pilums as they do. The red beads denote disorder.

Here, the British hero is about to be unleashed, and promptly die....

 The light Chariots are bogged down on both flanks, on the left by the Equites Alares......

And on the right by the Legionary Cohorts.

Eventually the Legionary's were outflanked and the Britons rolled up their line. Just as the Roman Auxilleries started to have some success on the other flank.

Thats our second game of TtS now, and we are getting used to the rules, although a few mistakes were made. The Romans wont be beaten quite so easily next time, now that we have re-read the rallying rules!

Cheers to Stuart for the game.  Right, id better get these bases finished off on the Romans, (the horror, gaming with unfinished figures!)



  1. Very awesome. Looks like lots of fun with excellent looking armies.

  2. Looks terrific Steve! I like that playing surface, which matches very well with the bases. Nice to see the weeny hero markers, too.

    Best, Simon

    1. Thanks, the tiny heros were Stuarts, I need to do some of my own too.

  3. This looks quite nice and looks like properly deployed armies!

    1. Hi, 10mm works well for a bit of mass effect, especially when space is limited.

  4. Nice report, beautiful armies!

    1. Thanks Phil. These armies were painted about 12 years ago, and I think its the second time they have been on a gaming table. Hopefully they will see more action now on their new bases!


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